THE MESSAGE OF THE ROSE (the timeless facts of eternity)

A memoir by Adam Fulford

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Unraveling a Profound Tale of a Life-Altering Experience

Through his memoir The Message of the Rose, author Adam Fulford unravels a profound tale of a life-altering experience, offering readers a glimpse into the boundaries between life and the beyond. Through evocative prose, Adam takes you on a transformative journey from the depths of darkness and depression to peaks of clarity and enlightenment. Discover the meaning of human resilience and the boundless potential of the human spirit as you immerse yourself in this gripping narrative.

Adam awoke from an induced coma, unable to move, shackled to a hospital bed, surrounded by police officers eager to interrogate him about the devastation he had just caused. Confusion naturally abounded as he had just returned from an infinite abyss of light where language had no meaning or purpose, a realm defying human expression.

In The Message of the Rose, Adam describes how everything in his young life fell apart in rapid succession. Failed relationships, miscarriages, the death of his dog then his father, the loss of a lengthy career, his house, cars, spouse, and children. Completely broken both financially and psychologically, Adam would numb himself to the world with copious amounts of heroin and prescription opioids, turning to a life of crime to make ends meet.

After many run ins with the law, and a botched attempt to set him up with a drug sting, he devolved into the shadow of his warrior archetype. The repressed anger following the murder of an old man by the police in the city where he lived turned to rage as Adam prepared for an inevitable war with the police.

Following his arrest for drugs and guns, and facing seven years in prison, Adam planned to escape from Colorado to Florida after bonding out, but he would never get the chance. His ex had divulged his plan to the police and the US Marshal led manhunt began. After weeks of searching, he was caught red-handed, surrounded while unloading duffel bags full of stolen weapons from his friend’s truck. After a foot race, Adam escaped by kidnapping a cab driver, accidentally shooting him in the process. During a high speed car chase, spike strips eventually stopped the cab, but not Adam. He jumped from the vehicle, hiding himself in the rocks by a lake. Over fifty officers searched for him that night but were unable to locate him. At daybreak, in one final attempt to escape, Adam stumbled into the road and carjacked someone. It didn’t take long before he was pursued again into the neighboring city. The ninety mile per hour chase ended in a devastating wreck that nearly killed multiple people, including Adam. Clinging to life by a thread, his broken body was dragged from the wreckage to a gutter where an officer knelt on the side his face, drowning him in the freezing water.

Adam left the world that day, into the light beyond, where he journeyed through the interior of the unconscious to find himself.

His near death experience was highly unconventional, taking him through heavens and hells, until finally reaching a state of infinite light and love, where all was one. Adam knew he had to return to his body and attempt to right his wrongs. A vastly different person awoke in the hospital than the one who had perished at the hands of the police. A crude re-birth into a lengthy prison sentence where he would learn to remain loving regardless of the circumstances.

The Message of the Rose is one of unconditional love, but it is also a message of hope. It is a powerful lesson in overcoming loss and immense suffering. If one can lose almost everything, sink down into the depths of hell, and still find their way out of that darkness, then there is hope for all who seek it. We live in a universe of infinite potentiality. We need only tap into that. This memoir challenges the reader to exam their own beliefs about loss, death, and the afterlife

Artistic Expression from Behind Bars

In addition to his literary endeavors, Adam channels his creativity into a unique form of artistry. Despite the challenges of his circumstances, he crafts intricate pieces from within prison walls. Each creation is a testament to his talent, offering a perspective that transcends limitations. Explore the powerful convergence of art and adversity, as Adam's work serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring capacity of the human soul to find expression and beauty even in the most challenging environments.

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